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The Sandbanks

Although not at all creepy or haunted, this place earns a spot on my site because it is a totally awesome place to explore.  The Sandbanks were once part of New Enterprise Stone and Lime company in Roaring Spring Pa, which used the location due to its sand deposits.  However, years ago the company abandoned the place for unknown reasons, leaving behind cliffs of sand, some 300 feet high or more.  Also left behind were sand sifters and a couple small buildings.  The cliffs are awesome to climb, but be careful...over the years, some of the sand has become hard as cement.  Also, when I say cliffs, I mean very steep hills, but some do turn into vertical ascents and should not be attempted without the proper equipment.  The place is pretty big, and there are two separate hills to climb or horse around on:  The one pictured above, and another which would be to the left of the photo.  The place is totally unused now, except for the occasional adventurer.  A very cool place to go and spend a day, I used to do it all the time.