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Livermore Cemetery

Don't let the picture fool you...Livermore Cemetery is not a pretty place.  One of the oldest cemeteries in the United States, it has a lot of  history to it; as most places do, this one as well has countless urban legends, which are absolutely false...I contacted the Westmoreland Historical Society and got the real deal. Here it is:

In the 1960's, Livermore was a bustling town, although not large with a population of only 300.  In the 1960's, a flood (due to a dam burst) practically demolished the town, and notified the locals of how dangerous the low-lying town really was.  In 1972, the town was bought out by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, to be used as a flood control unit, known now as Conemaugh Lake.  Livermore soon ceased to exist--a town of once much class and uniqueness was removed from the world as we know it--but not without a trace.  Livermore Cemetery, the town's cemetery, lies on the hill above the old town, and is one of the creepiest places I have ever been to. 

Before one explores the cemetery, it is really beneficial to explore where the town used to be.  Access to the area is quite easy...just off Rt. 22 on the West End Trail.  The trail is actually just an old railroad bed turned into a road, but it's made especially for bikes, and not only makes for a nice ride, but also a creepy one.  Livermore is off to the right, in a flood plain, alongside the reservoir.  During low water levels, you can actually hike through the woods along the trail, under one of the viaducts, and see the flat area once known as Livermore.  Few buildings remain, but it is obvious that a town was there...old yards, trees, etc.  Don't even bother looking for it if it has just recently rained...after all, the place is a flood control area, and it fills up with water very quickly.  Now to the cemetery.

The cemetery lies above the old town, on a hill by itself.  When I was most recently there, there was a sign just outside the cemetery that said : "Keep Out, Police Patrolled."  However, this is definitely not true, because cemeteries are public, until after dark, when it is "unlawful" to trespass. The cemetery is not privately owned. You can find this yourself at the Westmoreland Historical Society. However, there is some yo yo who thinks he has the authority to kick you out, and will come by in a beat up pickup truck with a spotlight and tell you to leave. If this happens, leave. I wouldn't start the trouble.   After dark, this nice, sunny resting place for the dead becomes a dark, dreadful place.  There must be something creepy about this place, even to Hollywood, because it is here that the opening scene of "Night of the Living Dead" was filmed.  The gravestones are so old that most cannot even be read, although some can be read that date back as far as the early 1800's.  Weird things happen here, such as wild dogs surrounding you, an extra set of footprints being behind you, and blurred vision.  I experienced all of these, on more than one occasion.  Sometimes, cars do not start upon returning to them (I had this happen once), and some even seem to be moved.  Livermore Cemetery is only about 15 minutes from Torrance, and both make a great Saturday fright night in the fall, particularly on full moon nights.  Either way, after dark, Livermore Cemetery becomes the 2nd scariest place in the state of Pennsylvania. 

-Entrance stone  -Cemetery  -One of the few remaining readable gravestones


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