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Abandoned Pennsylvania


Think about the countless times you have layed in bed at night, hearing creaking and cracking sounds coming from the dark abyss of your hallway or basement, wondering "What could that be? Oh, its just the wind." If you live in Pennsylvania, this may not be the case.  Pennsylvania is full of haunted and abandoned places, and after exploring this site, you may begin to see why those sounds might be more than just the wind.  But, abandoned places aren't just meant to scare;  they are fun, adventurous, and in many cases, educational. Many of us don't even know these places exist, as I did not used to either.   The primary purpose of this page is to be an informative website regarding the many interesting haunted/abandoned places in Pa.  While I do encourage you to get into exploring these types of things, I am in no way responsible for any event that occurs due to your visiting any of these places, on the way to them, or on the way from them;  nor am I responsible for anyone else with you, or anyone you encounter along the way.  With that said,  I continue with Abandoned Pa. 

I first got into exploring haunted and abandoned places when I was about 17, and the thrill has yet to leave me.  I think exploring firsthand is one of the greatest thrills anyone could experience.  Throughout Pennsylvania there are many abandoned sites, but many of these have been turned into money-making tourism attractions, such as Bakers Mansion, Horseshoe Curve, and the Jean-Bonne tavern.  This site contains places that you can go with your friends (highly advised) at your leisure and not have to pay anything-most of these places sit alone, uninhabited, unpatrolled, and unmaintained, as well as being pretty well secluded.   However, not all of the places mentioned on this page are old houses or mansions....some are haunted places that are also secluded.  I am not going to include such places as Bakers Mansion, etc....this site is only for "undocumented" places.  I will not give out directions on this site. I found this information myself and I'm sure you can too. Good luck!