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The Pressler Estate

The Pressler Estate was owned by the late George and Frederick  Pressler, who inherited the estate from their parents in the late 1950's.  However, due to unknown reasons, the Presslers soon ceased to exist, and could be found nowhere, even after intense searches.  Ann Pressler, a sister, also turned up missing in the same time period.  Upon searching the house, police found a stunning revelation in the basement:  Ann Pressler had been murdered in cold blood, stabbed numerous times in her bed and left to die in the basement.  The house was quarantined and a search was placed for the two brothers who were the prime suspects, but neither was ever found.  The house has remained unoccupied for almost forty years, untouched by police and civilians alike; inside remain relics such as letters dated back as far as 1922.  One letter sent chills down my spine, so badly that I couldn't bring myself to remove it from the property:

"Dear George,

I am pleased to hear you are doing well.  I hand over to you my deepest gratitude and best wishes on your recent corporal upstanding.  Speaking of which, who do you think I am?  I am not fooled by your good deeds and smiling face.  I know about the body, George, I know every detail...."

As said on reading rainbow, "You don't have to take my word for it."  Go in the house and find it yourself, it's right there in blue ink and white litmus paper. 

I have my own set of true stories about this place, but so does a close friend of mine.  I have heard from some of his close friends that after certain "chosen" visitors set foot in the house, they hear a voice emanating from the dark depths of the basement below, "If you want...Hell is downstairs."  I never heard it, but it gets my attention.  The entire property makes your hair stand on end...very scary, very evil, very negative.